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Luminous reached out to TV audiences through YouTube! 

Read how Luminous ads grabbed over a million completed views on YouTube over a span of two weeks. 

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About the campaign

Luminous wanted to advertise its new collection of ceiling fans to a large number of TV audiences.
But the brand did not want to advertise on TV since the festive season sees a lot of clutter.
So the brand decided to take an innovative digital approach. 


Reach large number of TV audiences without wastage of spends and stay top of mind.
Identify target audience of popular TV channels and show them ads on YouTube.



Key Results

Unique Reach
Video Through Rate
Impressions served

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What The Client Has To Say

With so many brands cluttering the TV space during this festive season, we wanted to be there where it mattered the most! Digital is a big medium where consumers spend most of their time any given day and that’s where we wanted to catch their attention. We wanted to make sure they visit our premium range of fans over their preferred content choice on YouTube.”

Ruchika Gupta
Marcomm Head – Luminous Power Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

“We have been an active brand when it comes to advertising. With this exercise, we wanted to create a recall mechanism covering YouTube as an important touchpoint for showcasing our beautiful fans. Clubbing together millions of Youtube viewers with Zapr’s technological insights and expertise, we were able to increase the brand recall during this festive season."

Jitin Thapar
Category Marcomm Manager (Home Electrical Business) – Luminous Power Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


When I look at Zapr now today, it almost has become a must-have for your campaigns going forward because of this bridging that they are able to do between the offline and the online world.

Ajay Kaul

Chief Digital Officer, Club Mahindra

We have been experimenting with Zapr for several campaigns in the last few months and it has helped us reduce wastage, create better sequencing and enhance our targeting, all with one platform. It has been a valuable exercise.

Uma Talreja

Chief Digital Officer, Raymond Ltd.

We wanted to understand each and every consumer holistically… We started looking at their TV consumption on a daily basis for the past six months. 
We got great insight in terms of what kind of ads these users are viewing… what kind of creatives we should push to them, what kind of experience [users] should have on the app.

Juhi Singh

Manager Consumer Research & Insights at Myntra

Zapr gives us the opportunity to go beyond what we currently get from TV measurement and look at far greater quantum of data.
In a world where data is becoming the new currency for actually planning campaigns beyond digital, Zapr suddenly opens up the opportunity to look at one of the largest platforms on which money is being spent – Television

Anand Chakravarthy

Managing Partner, Maxus India

…Data and technology is going to play a bigger and bigger role in marketing communication business… Zapr is beautifully connecting the offline and online world – TV and mobile.

Tushar Vyas

Chief Strategy Officer, GroupM South Asia

…they [Zapr] have built out a good platform on the technology side which is very useful. On the other side, from the people’s standpoint, I think they are extremely hungry for making sure your client gets the best…

Subramanya Sharma

CMO at Cleartrip

I really wanted to know at a very granular level, using big data, what the Indian consumer was actually viewing. And I think Zapr really came out with that solution…

Mallikarjun Das

Group CEO, Starcom India

I think it’s a fantastic new tool for everyone whether for a content creator, broadcaster, person in the digital media, advertiser or any other kind of stakeholder. I think it’s going to really revolutionize the way we are looking at getting some sense of data, how people are watching and consuming media

Arnab Goswami

Managing Director of Republic TV

Zapr is a digital media platform which allows marketers to target the people that they communicate to offline, on the online medium in a much more targeted manner.

Mihir Kulkarni

Vice President at Pepperfry


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