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Leverage the largest media consumption repository. 

  • Enhance your integrated marketing strategy by identifying TV viewers and targeting them on Mobile.
  • Use granular TV insights to optimize your media spends and beat industry benchmarks for engagement!

Save Marketing Dollars Today!

>70 Mn
Overall profiled users
basis content consumption and ad exposure.

>100Bn Min
fingerprinted & analyzed
for performance trends across channels, shows, ad campaigns.

TV channels tracked across
all national, state and local networks.

TV-To-Mobile Audience Engagement

TV-to-Mobile audience engagement - Integrated marketing solutions to connect and extend your TV marketing on Digital mediums. 

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TV Data Analytics and Insights

Highly granular TV viewing insights of millions of TV viewers across India to help you optimize and plan your TV strategy better. 

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Target Customer Research

Leverage TV-to-Mobile technology to measure impact. Be it brand recall surveys, optimizing marketing metrics or planning your offline media better.

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Case Studies

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Hewlett-Packard India garners 430,000+ incremental reach over TV campaign in priority markets

This leading Laptop brand leveraged Zapr technology to gain incremental reach among priority markets on Digital, over and above its TV campaign. Read here


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How Colors Shakti boosted loyalty among Indian TV viewers and bumped offline viewership up 25%

Colors Shakti on Colors TV had been running for over a year during the peak primetime. Read how show recovered from 60% show lapse rate week-on-week to 25% rise in offline viewership via TV-to-Mobile targeting. Read here


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Uma Talreja

CDO, Raymond Ltd.

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"We have been experimenting with Zapr for several campaigns in the last few months and it has helped us reduce wastage, create better sequencing and enhance our targeting, all with one platform. It has been a valuable exercise."

Arnab Goswami

MD, Republic TV


"I think it’s a fantastic new tool for everyone whether for a content creator, broadcaster, person in the digital media, advertiser or any other kind of stakeholder. I think it’s going to really revolutionize the way we are looking at getting some sense of data, how people are watching and consuming media."